Lux Absio Bervatum

About Me

Obligatory flattering photo
My name is Henry. This is my blog. The name (Lux Absio Bervatum) is made up and doesn't mean anything. I just like the way it sounds.

I have a day job which is very different from what I do here.

I like sharing. Many things I make are licensed under Creative Commons. If you want to use something I made and it's not explicitly CC-licensed, just ask me.

A long time ago I made a zine called Tumbleweird with my friend Logan Moonman (he's the one that came up with the name). Different people own it now but as of April 2020 they were still letting me make the monthly crossword puzzles ("crossweirds" in the zine).

My interests change frequently, but here's an unordered, incomplete, short list of stuff I liked as of summer 2014:
Nomic, Moleskine notebooks, Pigma Micron pens, Greg Egan books, Wes Anderson movies, They Might Be Giants, LEGO, Crash Course (with John & Hank Green), Drunk History, old NES games, stone fruit (e.g. nectarines), coffee, Weird Al, Advance Wars (game series), Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, Yu-Art-Lamps, rose-flavored pastilles, aesthetically-pleasing arrangements of data.

That probably gives you some idea of who I am, but it's so easy to stereotype and label people. Maybe there's something in that list that makes you go "Oh, he's one of those." If so, I'd encourage you to avoid those kinds of assumptions. Anyway, if you have questions you can email me.


I was suicidally depressed for many years (starting around age 16) and now I'm not. My life was nearly ruined (or ended, which is kind of the same thing) because I didn't know about options for treating depression. If you're depressed, talk to a professional. If they won't help, talk to another one. It's a medical condition and there are treatments that will make it more bearable or even cure it.

Anyway, I'm including this bit because THIS INFORMATION WOULD HAVE BEEN TREMENDOUSLY HELPFUL to me. And there is a remote chance that someone with the same specific unawareness might stumble across this page. If so, YOU'RE WELCOME.

I hope all the capital letters don't make me seem like a crazy person.

Most sincerely yours,