Lux Absio Bervatum


Molecule-Like Topology Engine (MLTE)


Tri-City Metro Tube Map
A tube map for the Tri-Cities. Made some guesses about lines and stations based on density and trends. Vector. 2,956 × 2,820 pixel JPG; 2.5 MB.

Here's a link to the PDF on Google Drive (241 KB).

Underground Complex I
Drew this after playing lots of Dwarf Fortress. There are mines, farms, a throne room, tombs, etc. Hatching was all by hand, no copy-pasting. This is the low-res version (original is a 31 MB TIF). 1,335 × 1,800 pixel JPG; 3.0 MB.

Local Roads of Significance
A map of roads and highways I made by plotting curves over satellite imagery. 6,968 × 8,525 pixel PNG; 2.6 MB.

Activity Selection Matrix version 1.0
I designed this as a 24 by 36 inch poster. It's kind of hard to view as anything other than the actual poster because the vector version is very large and some parts are very detailed so even on a high end system it scrolls very slowly. The image below is an imperfect 150 dpi PNG export of the the PDF. The smaller text is barely readable and you can't tell what the bands are made out of.

Here's a link to the PDF on Google Drive (6.6 MB).

Name Generation Process for Cordes-Goodall Offspring (Male)
This one is designed as a B5 sheet (176 by 250 mm). The raster image below is 700 dpi. Made this for my friends when they found out one of them was pregnant.

Here's a link to the PDF on Google Drive (1.9 MB).

Spaceship Stencils: Prototype 1
Transparent acrylic stencil I designed for a game I was making. (I abandoned that game idea because it turned out drawing with stencils was too time-consuming and it made the game a chore to play. I considered using stamps instead, but they were too imprecise.) Actual stencil measures 178.925 mm square, image below (photo with some cheesy filters applied) is 2,048 × 1,843 pixels.