Lux Absio Bervatum

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Minecraft frivolities: a QR code

Finished a little project in Minecraft, a working QR code. Made it out of white wool and polished blackstone bricks since they seemed to have the best black/white contrast in map views. Built it across a large cave opening. Here are some in-game screencaps:

from the cave below

And some map views:

very zoomed-out, QR code circled in red

closer view

And here's a much wider map view at 1:1 scale (3025px × 1879px):

This is from my Minecraft world "mundo unopuntounoocho." Not that it matters, but the in-game coordinates for this build are -15,928, 68, 642 (xyz). I have a basic ID scheme for portals in that world; the one under the QR code is portal A-XIX and it connects to portal B-XIX with nether coordinates (N) -1,996, 65, 95.