Lux Absio Bervatum

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Hex translator XI

Made some more of these. I find myself rooting for the algorithm to do different things while building the map, like "oh, that's a neat 'bay' you formed there, hope you don't fill that in" or "another hollow hex with three dots in it? be less repetitive!" And I get discouraged when it spits out a lot of "muddy" colors in a row. So some of these are more exciting to put together than others.

This is a new build, 2021.02.21A. Overhauled how the numbers for lookup tables are generated from inputs; they should have a more uniform distribution now. (I was worried that the hodgepodge of simpler methods I was using before were introducing bias.) Here are the first three maps made with the new build, ordered oldest-to-newest. 101 characters:

89 characters:

90 characters:

I'm concerned that the three-dots-in-a-hollow-cell thing is coming up so often, but I think the system behind it is sound and this is just a weird coincidence.