Lux Absio Bervatum

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tubes, in my belly

I think this is the closest
I'll ever get to stripping.
It's healing really well BTW.
Here's a thing I was telling Chords a couple days ago and now I'm gonna tell you:

Hipster is a horrible word. People use that label to invalidate the interests of others. When you call someone a hipster what you're really saying is, "That stuff you like? You only like it because it's fashionable to like it. You're a phony and you're easily swayed by trends." I think there's also an implicit "Not like me, I'm an individual with unique likes and dislikes formed through a complex web of thoughts and experiences." And whenever you find yourself asserting superiority over someone else you should really stop and figure out why you're doing that. Are you so desperate for ways to feel good about yourself that you're going to start inventing them even if at's someone else's expense?

Q: Why can't the hipster have a legitimate interest in tapered billiard pipes from the 1960s?

A: He wasn't even alive in the 1960s! It's a phony, pretentious hobby.

Q: So it's okay for someone who was alive in the 60s?

A: Yes.

Q: So what's the rule then? If you like anything that existed before you were born then you're a hipster?

A: Of course not. You can like, say, history of the American revolution. Or Citizen Kane.

Q: Ah, so it's when their interests drift away from the mainstream that they become hipsters?

A: Yep.

Q: So conformity is a good thing?

A: Yep.

I guess my point is that the A person is kind of a close-minded jerk. Time for bed!

Edit: The A person isn't Chords, I just like arguing with myself.