Lux Absio Bervatum

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lime Chiffon Wall, Cat, Etc.

The thing below the Inglourious Basterds print is a canvas print my parents gave me for my birthday. It's me at the beach. I do like the colors.


Here's a joke I like:

Man is hungry. He steal bread to feed family. Get home, find all family have gone Siberia! “More bread for me,” man think. But bread have worm.

Also, this is my favorite photo of Logan.

Listening to records. Just finished listening to Weird Al In 3-D, now I'm listening to the Grease soundtrack. Oh, watched Sound of Music with Chords & Amber last night. Such a good movie. And just got back from brunch with a bunch of people. Successful weekend.

Gonna have a new vlog video real soon, I'm making the credits right now. Focus!