Lux Absio Bervatum

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wood, Robots, Mitchell, Spreadsheets!

I said New Yankee Workshop yesterday, but it turns out I meant The Woodwright's Shop. Got them confused. The first one is Norm Abrams' show where he uses power tools, the second is Roy Underhill not using power tools. Like, deliberately. I like both, but right now I want the second one.

Haha, while looking for those images I stumbled across this "My Little Pony" version of Roy Underhill! I would never have guessed there was any overlap between My Little Pony fans and PBS woodworking show fans. Not sure why, but this thing makes me uneasy.

So last night's movie was the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version of Mitchell. Mitchell was awful, but was great fodder for the riffers. That episode is also the one where they changed over from Joel Hodgson to Mike Nelson. 


Saw that at Chords' house. Went on a walk with Roxy, had Ben & Jerry's (Imagine Whirled Peace), set up new garage door clickers. Today I'm going to see The LEGO Movie. Here's Saturday's movie next to Sunday's movie:

Here's a spreadsheet I made to track the movies I watch: Day by Day Movie Marathon (Google Docs).

Edit: Oh, and I got four new kinds of hard cider for us to try on board game night!