Lux Absio Bervatum

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Spoons, stoves, Alaska

I think I'll do a vlog for After Earth tomorrow. I thought it was okay (if you can get past the bad acting), Logan hated it. He texted me this morning: "That movie was the worst thing since genocide."

Tonight's movie was Alone in the Wilderness. So great. Made me want to learn woodworking. I might look into getting a spoon carving kit. I googled it and apparently that's, like, a pretty big thing. Look at this blog this guy does: Spoon Carving: Adventures In Spoon Carving. This guy sometimes gets commissioned to make special spoons for people! Man, it's weird how you can find so much esoteric info about these semi-obscure hobbies on the web. I bet people are inventing new ones every day. Vintage thumbtack restoration. Hunting marmots to make mandalas from their vertebrae.

Actually, speaking of mandalas, look at this thing:

Anyway, that spoon carving guy spent £250 on a knife! Can you believe it? I gotta watch some New Yankee Workshop. (Awesome, there're torrents for like every season.)

My next house will have a wood-burning stove in it. One that looks cool. Like this, maybe:

Except I bet that thing costs like $10K and that's just too much to pay for a stove. If I were a millionaire, that's the stove I'd have. And I wouldn't put future-y plastic chairs around it like that. Maybe something like this:

Today was Valentine's. Really awesome celebrating it with the berfren. He says so many nice things to me. Pretty boss.