Lux Absio Bervatum

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Crunchwrap Supreme versus pita

Today I realized I've gotten to the point in my job where confrontation (having to tell someone something I really don't want to tell them) makes me feel tired instead of anxious. Don't really know if that's good or bad. One on hand, it could mean I'm just bored with it because I've had to do it so many times. Or it could be some kind of personal growth, like it means I'm keeping myself from dwelling on the unpleasant stuff (oh no, someone won't like me!) by not feeling it more than is necessary in the first place. Yeah, rumination. Rumination is bad.

But it could also be that I'm losing compassion and I'm just numb to the pain of other people. I'd say it's like 80/20 in favor of one of the good reasons. But the /20 bit kinda bothers me.

Today for lunch I had a small gyro from Extreme Pita 'cause I was over there gettin' mah hair did. And some Crunchies. And some pita chips with chipotle hummus. Which is probably more than I should have for lunch. The wall at the pita place said the gyro I had was like 200 calories. But that can't possibly be right. It had beef and goat cheese in it. I think it'd have to be at least as many calories as a Crunchwrap Supreme at Taco Bell. Which is 540. (Crunchwrap Supreme calories per gram: 2.03. Gasoline calories per gram: 11.44. So a Crunchwrap Supreme-sized thing of gasoline would have 3,301 calories.) [This is what comes of blogging under the influence.] Anyway, I think the gyro had to be about 200 grams. So by their math it would have had something like 1 calorie per gram. And I'd say it tasted about as good as a Crunchwrap Supreme [has 2.03 calories per gram.], well, no, the Crunchwrap Supreme must be richer. Okay, but still, 200 calories is way too optimistic. [But the Crunchwrap Supreme is not twice as tasty as the gyro. I have high confidence in the Crunchwrap figures, so the gyro figures must be wrong. But this is polarized thinking. So probably all nonsense anyway, but this is what I was trying to communicate when I wrote this.]

Alright, Logan and me are gonna watch After Earth.