Lux Absio Bervatum

Monday, September 7, 2015

thank you for the feedback

There's this implicit contract: If a person makes stuff and puts it in a more-or-less public space they should not be surprised when criticism is offered. The "public space" part of that is pretty important. I guess it's a blurry line. If someone emails something to five people it's clearly more private than if they had emailed it to fifty people. But at what number of recipients does it cross the threshold into "public space"? It's hard to tell. This right here, this is public. Because it's on the open web, no passwords, no disclaimers. If you hate it my feelings won't be hurt. But other stuff, where you can't be certain of how public it is, maybe it's worth playing it safe. You know what phrase doesn't get used as much as it should? "May I offer some constructive criticism?"