Lux Absio Bervatum

Thursday, September 3, 2015

stuff I listened to today

  1. Never Shout Never's second album
  2. the 9/2 broadcast of the Rachel Maddow show (as a podcast)
  3. the Fresh Air episode about how white nationalists really like Donald Trump (podcast)
  4. the 9/2 episode of As It Happens (CBC Radio show/podcast)
  5. the Emoji Antique album of Postmodern Jukebox
  6. Two Wuv by Tally Hall, like 5 times because it's a great song
  7. scattered songs from my "Starred" Spotify playlist (mostly at gym)
It had not occurred to me how much audio media I consume. If I ever end up in a coma or something and there's a chance that I might be conscious but totally paralyzed and unable to move I would like someone to set up something so I can listen to a variety of things for 6 hours a day with 5 minute breaks between each item:
  • By duration: 
    • 19% Rachel Maddow/John Oliver/Stephen Colbert or equivalent, people talking about current events in a funny way
    • 27% music... broken up thusly:
      • 20% They Might Be Giants (random albums)
      • 50% each of my spotify playlists
      • 20% spotify's Discover thing
      • 10% albums recommended by people I know
        • you guys, keep recommending albums after I go into the coma/paralyzed thing
        • recommend ones you think I'd like
    • 28% Stuff You Should Know/Stuff You Missed in History Class/Radiolab, these kinds of shows. Kinda pop-educational stuff.
    • 10% Comedy Bang Bang/Stop Podcasting Yourself/Dear Hank & John/Marc Maron type shows
    • 16% one audio book at a time based on analysis of my kindle library and audible purchases