Lux Absio Bervatum

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Prawbawbaw Wibbly (That's How I Say Propbably)

This is part of a page from a comic I read today called Prophet. I started with issue #21. It's by Rob Liefeld originally. They did this reboot with #21 where the character is put into hibernation for 10,000 years. So you can start there and not be missing out on much. Anyway, it's had some really neat ideas so far. Look at this farm where the aliens are treating these primate things like cattle. And the main character seems unsurprised by this. He eats some hominid meat later on and it doesn't faze him.

I like the art too. Kind of reminds me of The Way Things Work. Boy, I need to read that again. I love diagrams. Hey, here's a diagram I made of a thing. The thing was really simple but making the diagram was fun. I should try making one seriously with, like, measurements.

As you can see, I got distracted coming up with a cool-sounding
name for this thing. What else was fun was researching types of switches.