Lux Absio Bervatum

Friday, February 28, 2014

The greater of $290.00 or Zero Point Three Eight Percent

This music video is amazing. J-pop heavy metal.

This is also neat:

House of Cards is getting good. I have a hard time figuring out characters' real motives though. It seems like everyone wants power. But they already have all the stuff power can get you. And they endure so much stress just to keep climbing. I've really come to like Raymond Tusk. And Linda's exit was so awesomely dignified. I hope she shows up again later. The stuff with the hipster photographer was weirdly funny and satisfying. It's fun to see people suddenly realize what the Underwoods really are.

I think the end of the series will be Frank going out Heisenberg style. Zoe Barnes' people are going to come back in a big way I'm sure. The whole battle between Connor and Seth seemed a little pointless. But I guess it was necessary in the same way that scene with Adam photographing Claire while she slept was. I can't wait to see how they dump all this stuff out when Frank's empire implodes. It's got to implode, right? But I kinda wish more TV shows would let the bad guys win. Bad guys getting their comeuppance is so predictable.

I think I might stop reading 1Q84 and start The Peace War.

Oh and I got a little ways into Zach Weiner's Polystate. It was really good, I might go back to that. Not the kind of book I usually read, but everything he does is so darn clever.